We are always looking out for what’s hot and trendy in website design from around the world to allow us to guide business owners and marketers as they plan for their own projects. Today, we would like to quickly take a look at the 4 business website design trends that we believe will standout this year.

Check out what’s involved and make these suggestions to your web designer.


A minimalist web-design strategy is one that seeks to simplify the interface by removing unnecessary elements or content that does not support user tasks. You would basically be reducing your website to only its most necessary elements. Minimalism is a classic design trend that has kept around as the years go by. The best thing about minimalist design is that while it stays strong, it actually continues to evolve.


A minimalist design strategy can be a powerful tool, but only when it’s framed by the needs of your website users

Minimalist websites have stood the taste of time because they are elegant, bring out the beauty of a page’s most important elements and most importantly because they are easy to understand—and navigate.


The year 2020 might be the end (or at the very least the beginning of the end) of mega menus on business websites. Streamlined navigation styles are taking over.


Most users get to your website via whichever landing page gets their attention on search engine results pages; they don’t necessarily start viewing your site on the homepage. This therefore means that less navigation creates a more direct path to where you want your visitors to engage most with the design.

Streamlined navigation styles provide more room on the main canvas area for messaging and content. The most common form of streamlined navigation, is where menu items are inside an icon. The icon then opens into a full-screen list of options. You however need to ensure it pops out on desktops and mobile in the same manner to create a consistent experience.


Last year, in a discussion with a web design client, their first objective was “dark designs” because according to them, it would make their website look like a movie poster. Of course we obliged but get this, this is a café business and frankly from a professional design perspective, dark design would be PERFECT!!!

Dark mode website design looks ultra-modern and is so easy on the eyes not to mention how they make colors and design elements POP. Dark website backgrounds also improve the visibility of other accent colors to deliver a truly dynamic design.


This 2020 website design trend is all about creating depth. It’s similar to 3D effect but is generally preferred for web designers who want to “tone it down.” You could call it a “3D Lite” look and guess what? It’s not just applicable to graphics either, you can use this effect with text and photos, too.

Something to note…

Many modern design elements work with each other, so you can mix and match trends and styles to create something that’s trendy, sophisticated & made just for you. Also, about trends, don’t just use it because it is trending. Only pick up on a trend if it contributes to improved usability for your intended website visitors.

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