Authentic company photographs that feature your offices and staff can elevate your brand beyond what stock images can possibly do. Successful photography will significantly elevate your brand’s image online, for example on social media and across a range of high-value media assets and publications.

From our experience running social media marketing campaigns for multiple brands across industries, we have learned that “real” photos of locations and the people on your team perform much better in terms of engagement & connection compared to stock photos. We would therefore highly recommend that you make the investment (which is usually minimal) to get it done for your brand.

Let’s look at 3 quick tips that will guarantee a successful corporate photography experience for your business.

Plan ahead—way ahead!

A well-planned photoshoot will get accomplished in a very short time. If you think about it from the business side, this translates into time & money saved especially in situations where you hire a photographer whose rates are per hour.

The first and most critical part of the plan is goal-setting. Your marketing team needs to understand your goals and know how photography will be used. For example, if the shoot is primarily for display on your company website, the choice of shots will most likely be less than if you were doing the shoot for a social media campaign. Knowing the goals for your shoot allows you to communicate clear outcomes and expectations. The more detailed your plan is, the smoother your shoot will be.

The quickest way to accomplish this is by sharing a shot list so that key people know where they need to be and when. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, we couldn’t travel to some of our clients’ locations but managed to remotely facilitate successful corporate shoots by sharing creative, precise shot lists with their respective photographers within their locale.



As long as you have a professional photographer, it shouldn’t be hard for them to interpret the shot-lists. The sample pictures above are from a photoshoot we remotely coordinated for a client in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania during the COVID-19 lockdown

Select the right photographer for the job

Choosing the right photographer ensures that your most precious company memories are perfectly preserved. Just because you have a shot list, a camera at the office and an intern on hand don’t mean the job will get done successfully. The right tools are only useful if you have the right person to use them.

You can quickly accomplish this by doing a simple Google search. From there, you can visit your shortlisted photographers’ website or Instagram account to see examples of their work.

PHOTO CREDIT: Q-Sourcing Servtec.


You can also opt to ask people in your circle if they know of any photographers you can hire—preferably someone they have previously worked with and would highly recommend. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the photographer you choose, so taking the extra step to get to know this person, their skill set, and the value they bring to your project is always a great idea.

Stay on brand.

Your brand should dictate most if not all the decisions and choices during your photoshoot including the “smallest” detail like your choice of clothing. Is your brand young and hip? Fun and energized? Or is it a more serious and professional persona?

Elements such as color, depth of field, tonal range, and dimensions (i.e., vertical vs. horizontal specs) that are in accordance with your company’s brand identity have to be accorded the extra attention they demand. It’s in your marketing success’ best interest to relay this information to all employees so that they wear the right tones or “uniform” on D-day.

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