It’s great to know that a lot of businesses in Uganda have finally accepted the fact that meaningful Facebook marketing cannot be FREE! On top of investing in professional content through writers, designers & specialized platforms, many are also having a go at Facebook advertising.

However, just like it is with every other form of advertising, choosing to just throw money at a platform for the sake of making noise is wasteful. When it comes to Facebook Advertising, getting to know who your customers are is a crucial step for a successful campaign. Facebook has 1 billion+ daily active Facebook users, so it’s absolutely critical that you target only those who are potentially interested in your product.

Any audience that is not likely to convert for you is a waste of your advertising dollar.

Remember that advertising is about attracting and persuading customers and audiences, not cheap clicks & the “exposure” noise. Therefore if the conversion rate on your adverts is zero then you are wasting your effort and your money.

Understanding the targeting options on Facebook



Use this to reach people in the cities, communities and countries where you want to do business.


Select an audience based on age, gender, education, relationship status, job title and more.


Choose the interests and hobbies of the people you want your ad to reach – from organic food to action films.


Select people based on their prior purchase behaviors, device usage and other activities.


Reach people who are connected to your Facebook Page or event, or exclude them to find new audiences.


The recommended first step before facebook advertising is to get familiar with your customer persona—this is something that only good marketing research and planning can accomplish.


So how Do You Build a Successful Facebook Audience?

Building a Facebook audience takes time & a decent level of understanding of how your particular business approaches marketing; just keep in mind that the audience you target needs to be specific, but not too specific.

You can narrow your audience with the AND/OR targeting options. The OR targeting means that when you add new targeting options under the same category of targeting, your audience will grow larger. The AND targeting means that a person who’s in your target audience must fall into multiple categories. This will help to decrease your audience size and create niche audiences.

In a nutshell, the recommended first step is to get familiar with your customer persona—this is something that only good marketing research and planning can accomplish. In fact, a detailed marketing plan includes buyer personas which describe (in detail) your target buyer and how they use platforms like Facebook.

Have you boosted your post & pages lately? What Facebook targeting tactics are you using?