Which content gets and keeps your attention for the longest time as you scroll through your social media timeline? Which content makes the strongest emotional connection with you that you just can’t help but share it with your friends and colleagues?

You, your friends, and their friends all experience video marketing the same way. When done right, video content is strong, memorable, and very effective at “driving the point home.” If there has ever been a “perfect” time to leverage video to boost your marketing, it’s now!

But not just “any” video

The amazing evolution of smartphone technology has made it far more achievable to make social media videos, promotional videos, and adverts at the click of a button. However, producing effective marketing videos still requires a stellar strategy and someone who knows their way around a camera, audio, and at times lighting equipment. A video meant for your personal TIK TOK or Instagram Reels will not demand the same amount of planning and direction that a professional business video would.

For example; Apple has always set the pace as far as quality visual capabilities are concerned, I’m personally blown away by some of the photos & videos that can be shot with the iPhones. That said, when it’s time for BUSINESS, that is to communicate effectively, showcase convincingly and sell persuasively, even Apple doesn’t shoot their footage using an iPhone, they use PRO Equipment.

Check out this video of the iPhone 12, dubbed the “most powerful phone ever”—do you think it was produced using an iPhone12?


Your business has a brand reputation to build or protect and professional presentation plays a huge role in making this happen. The decision to shoot your business content using a phone or a pro camera should be driven by the choice of brand you want to portray.

If you need some guidance on what the options are for video marketing and which one may get you through the door quickly & affordably, CLICK HERE to check out the article I wrote about the subject.

3 quick guidelines to make your video marketing efforts worthwhile

By following a few simple guidelines and working with a clear strategy, you too can jump in and greatly benefit from this new wave of video marketing. These guidelines vary from platform to platform but as a general rule your business should be looking to:

  1. Keep your promo or teaser video to 30 seconds or less in length – The best brands and products can sell or spark interest in a matter of seconds. You achieve this by selecting high impact imagery, script, and audios like background music or voice over.
  2. Include informative graphics for video marketing content Many users today will opt to watch a video with the volume off especially if they are in a crowded or noisy place. By adding text or “self-explanatory” action, you go a long way in letting the user get an idea about what your video is about. This is especially effective for retailers and perhaps hospitality brands
  3. Include a call to action – many people assume that users will just run to search for your page or business name on Google after watching your awesome video but often they will not. By adding a call to action based on your prevailing marketing objective, you help guide viewers on what you need them to do next. Is it “Subscribe to our channel?” “Visit our website?” “Comment below?” whatever the main call to action is, make sure it is clear, easy to find, and most importantly simple to do.
There you have it!

If your business has not yet started incorporating video into your content strategy, you are already late but because this wave is not going away anytime soon, you can still catch on. Remember to put emphasis on quality production backed by a sound strategy otherwise you will just end up fighting for viewers with the millions of other people making reels and “funny” videos daily across social media.

If you would like to get some help jumping in and maximizing video marketing for your business, we can help. CLICK HERE to get started.