Can you name one professional, reputable company you know that doesn’t use business (webmail) E-mail accounts?

WEBMAIL by definition is an email system provided by your web hosting company that allows you to access your business emails via a browser on any device that is connected to the Internet for example is my webmail account.

Anyone can have a free GMAIL, YAHOO etc. account but using Web-mail confirms that you take your business seriously enough to invest in a corporate image which goes as far as a branded email.

That said, it can be hectic bouncing from company E-mails to your personal Gmail let alone having to remember all the different passwords. In this guide we will give you the steps on how to connect your company E-mails to your already existing Gmail account to simplify your E-mail experience. You will be able to send and receive E-Mails on your company address from within your Gmail account

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