Q-Sourcing Servtec: Brand Transformation

Social Media | Website | Brand Consultancy

Content Management, Photography, Video, Social Media Management, Graphics Design, Website services, Brand Strategy

About the client

Q-Sourcing Servtec is a global management consulting firm that helps people make significant improvements to their business performance and realize their most important career goals through recruitment, integrated project management, training & human resource management.

What We Did

  • Professionally set up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin
  • Re-designed their corporate website & integrated critical service automation to simplify their service delivery
  • Managed ALL their social media activity including B2C sales & customer service
  • Handled coverage (corporate photography & video) at events & activities

Results & Accomplishments

  • Consolidated Q-Sourcing Servtec’s digital assets
  • Availed ourselves for timely brand consultancy across all Q-Sourcing Servtec’s departments
  • To this day, Q-Sourcing Servtec maintains an active, professional social media presence¬†
  • We help the company manage customer service via their web channels