The main objective of publishing content on your business’ Facebook page is to increase your reach, engagement, and drive traffic to your website or a landing page where you make your sales. There is no “magic bullet” for posting perfect Facebook content but there are good & bad practices. Here are 3 considerations that every business owner & marketer should know about

1. Don’t post more than three times per day.

If you post more than three times a day, your content will be competing with itself for attention. Facebook’s new stringent algorithm rules make it difficult for all posts to be seen widely—only about 6% of your audience sees your organic content. That number only increases if your posts are high quality and have garnered a lot of engagement. You might also want to consider the fact that you are highly unlikely to produce say 5 posts with the same quality and relevance in one day.

2. Don’t focus too much on posting links to your own products and services.

Yes, you are in business to sell stuff, I get that. However, today’s consumers are much more exposed and quickly turned off by direct selling and noisy advertising. Of course they knew when they joined your page that you would eventually be selling stuff to them but if that’s all you do, maybe you are better off posting content in exclusively sales groups & platforms like OLX.

One thing to remember about these groups is that at least 100 posts are published per hour about completely unrelated things—one minute its diapers, another minute smartphones, the next real estate e.t.c. so you are better off keeping your own page attractive and vibrant.

On Facebook & social media in general, only posting content about your products and services shows that you’re more concerned with self-promotion than you are with your actual audience and social media users never dance to this tune.

3. Professional presentation always wins

Leave your short hand, blurry photos, spelling mistakes and “stolen content” at home. When you get online to market your brand, present your content the way you want your brand to be perceived. Hire a professional graphics designer for your artwork, take a quality camera or photographer to your field activity to capture good quality photos and videos.

Many small business owners like to think they can do everything themselves or just throw so-called “minor tasks” to the intern or receptionist but remember that every day that passes, social media grows in relevance and power as a marketing tool. Every time you post mindlessly, you are wasting time and hurting your brand.

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