When  Video marketing is done well, there’s no better way to convert viewers into customers. Professional marketers who actually measure their digital marketing campaigns will admit that video produces more conversions than any other content.


So, what makes a video very effective for marketing?


  • ATTRACTION: Video grabs attention quicker. Think about what gets your attention when you’re scrolling through a company website or even just your social media feed. Some may argue that images get attention first and that’s correct but what HOLDS your attention longer? Human eyes are naturally attracted to movement, so the movement that videos produce naturally draws peoples attention.


This is an example of a short promotional video announcing new short courses at TASC. Short videos like this can have a great impact on your target audience and can be a vital component of your marketing messages


  • ATTENTION: Video is easier to comprehend. Back to science, the average human brain will process visuals quicker than text. The more engaging the visual is the faster it will be processed. Properly produced videos can take information and make it easy to interpret in a short amount of time.

  • BRAND RECALL: Video is easier to remember. Videos allow you to package the marketing information you’re trying to share into a short narrative that will engage viewers in a way that text can’t. This makes them more memorable because people are far more likely to remember a visual story than a list of facts. Let’s make a reference to local examples from business in Uganda. MTN Uganda brought you “Bosco” then brought “Dismas.” Each of these characters has video, image and text information about them. Which one do you remember? Better yet, I think most people remember the video skits more than the actual product they were selling.

There you have it. Video is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal because it is the master of delivering simple messages in a memorable way. Note however that you can’t just make any video and stick it out there hoping for favorable results. Your video needs to plug into your buyer’s pain points, presenting your product as a compelling solution to the pain.