By the end of 2017, every major social network – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more – had all made it easier to upload, view and share videos on their respective apps and websites because video is what people wanted more than anything else.

But why is video such a BANG for social media users today? Why isn’t it enough to just have photos and professional graphics?

Because video content is quick and rich!

Most digital platform users hate to read long blocks of content. That’s just a fact. And even when they read, it’s highly likely that they will forget what they read quickly. Visual content has always had a superior advantage for condensing content. Visuals i.e. images, graphics and footage combined with audio whether it’s voice overs or music allows the information being provided to be delivered several times as fast—that’s exactly what users on social media want!!

Video can combine all other media

Video has the ability to include all other visual and auditory content. A video can consist of a podcast and an article all in one and include limitless images, infographics, and text. No other medium has this ability. When a video takes advantage of this innate power, viewers can better understand its message, meaning more people will be willing to share the video.

Here’s a short (1 minute), introductory video we made for Attacked Not Defeated International, the NonProfit organization used this video as a welcome note for their delegates at the launch of their Thrive Project.


Today, engagement is better than noise

When the “social media madness” had just started, everyone was obsessed with collecting thousands of likes and followers on their pages. The argument then was that the bigger the following, the bigger you look. That was probably true then but as digital marketing evolves, smart businesses have realized that “likes” don’t pay bills. SALES pay the bills and people can only enter your sales funnel if they engage with your content.

With the combination of visuals and sound, there is nothing video can’t do. And because it is the most popular medium today, viewers are ready to listen as long as you follow up with valuable and concise content. Videos that have a hook, engaging content throughout, and a gripping final call-to-action are bound to have success with keeping audiences interested.

We worked on this marketing video for Done Athletics, a health & wellness lifestyle brand in Uganda by influencer Atamba Lakeli. The objective was to demonstrate guide consumers on how to shop for affordable gym equipment. This simple video generated more engagement via their Instagram, Twitter & Facebook pages compared to posters & links on the same


Because non-verbal communication is powerful for conveying a message

Text content relies on precise word choice, punctuation and visual features like emoticons to establish the right tone. However, with video, viewers are able to determine exactly what someone is trying to get across by observing body language, verbal tone and other visual cues. Background music alone can set a tone and emotion for the message you are trying to convey before it’s even fully consumed

Some things make so much sense, you can’t understand why you didn’t think of it sooner. Social networks are meant to be about shared experiences. Video communicates more in sight, sound and feeling than words or images alone. That’s why people can’t get enough of video on social networks.

If you haven’t yet paid attention and taken your shot to exploit the power of social media and video together, you’re in for a surprise—a bad surprise at that.

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