Your brand is not your logo or your colors—the colors you choose and the way you present your name to the world is considered part of your brand, but it’s not the most important part. Your brand isn’t what you say (CLAIM) either. For example, “We care about our customers,” “Relationships Matter,” “We’re the Friendly company,” or some such. These messages are warm and are relatively safe marketing messages but they don’t really represent your brand—uniquely. They have become overused and just don’t mean anything anymore to a truly discerning consumer.

Truth is, such a claim is a great sentiment and we would all prefer to do business with an organization where we feel the relationship with them matters. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered (I’m sure you have too) this is often an EMPTY PROMISE. In fact, companies that have this and similar taglines often fall short of excellence in customer relationship management.

My favorite examples here include banks, telecom companies and most software/tech companies—they are SUPERB until you need their full attention as a troubled customer then you will notice how many empty promises are in their adverts and taglines.

So what is your brand?

Your brand is your values and how you act on those values at every point of contact with your clients—both your customers and your employees. The same applies to Mission statements, what you “say” doesn’t really matter. It’s all about what you do. Your brand isn’t what YOU say it is. It’s what THEY (your consumers) say it is. No matter what your marketing team or highly paid advertising agency may say, ultimately your brand is built by what you do.

Consumers judge brands the same way they judge people — by their actions, not promises. Everything boils down to what kind of experiences you deliver.

Well, what brand are you building in your company today?